Quickest way for tokens?

Without spending any cash and why? People seem to think tt offline but i always thought tt online would be the quickest plus chances at diamond packs, multiple ball drops per game, etc which you can sell to complete collections

TT offline is guaranteed. TT online is random and even if you see tokens you need to land them. But online you can make more MT. Also when you play online it depends on how good you are and if you can win the game


True… i never get the 3 loss ko but i havent been landing on any tokens/diamond packs lately. I used to land on them pretty often

I’ve been grinding TT offline cuz I needed tokens for Eaton, it’s grueling and boring af (and losing is the worst cuz i’m Usually distracted and watching Netflix while I play it😂) but when you just need tokens it’s what you gotta do
But TTonline is way more fun ofc and if you don’t strictly need tokens but could use a combination of MT and Tokens TTO is the move


In the time it takes to finish one whole MTU game you could’ve finished a whole TT offline board and gotten 6 guaranteed tokens

Yea i think mtu would be one of the slower methods

Not if you know how to make quits happen… explore some matchups

So basically, how to overall cheese and run SFs at point
Hard pass lmao
Besides, when you run into other people doing the same thing with their lineups you’ll likely be forced to play out a whole game, and since very few people run budget lineups and June and everyone is cheesing for the Gervin rn, you’ll probably encounter a lot of those squads😂

You can get 18 tokens an hour in TToffline
There’s no way you can do that in MTU lol
If you’re even forced to play out one whole game, that’s over 30 minutes spent on one match lol

It took me 2 hours to get 45 tokens running 3 players…

Yesterday that is… with all the sweaties out trying to get George

So it was easier because of the sweaties? I thought it would be harder because more people would be overall cheesing and such?

Nah you get matched with newbies 8/10 times… they quit… every now and then you get one asshole who you beat by like 70… if you’re just getting tokens and not gunning for 12-0 this is the way

Interesting, so you just play with bronzes and any random 3 good players?

Do you get matched up with similar teams? Bronzes with 3-5 good players?

TTO Offline 25-30 mins = 6 Tokens
Only drawback is You will die slowly :rofl:

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