Quickest Releases

I wish 2kLabs would add some myteam content to their site but because we have no other way to test these things I think it would be helpful to share some players with very quick releases.

To start I’ll add some of the players I’ve either used or gone up against that I know have very quick releases:

God tier: Kiki, Steph, Melo, AK47
Tier 1: Granger, Klay, JR, Mitch
Tier 2: KD, Eddie Jones, Porzingis
Trash Tier: Oscar, Finley, Manu, Blake



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B Roy gotta be up there, right? And I couldn’t agree more about 2kLabs. They hit me back with a response email about player shots I’ll have to share with y’all later when I get some time.

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Dave Bing

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Kareem’s is pretty fast granted you can only take midranges with him.


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Even though I hate it, Issel’s release seems fast

Oscar Robertson.

Issel damn good.

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yeah they are throwing money away by not testing myteam players. It’s a whole other market they could be getting business from that they ignore at the moment

I heard from someone his was super slow? Maybe it was @Knezius

Morris Peterson


Yah Robertson is slow as turtle same for Pierce.

Joel Embiid :grin:

Have a hunch he was probably being sarcastic lol

Obviously :smile:

I’ve hit a 3 with KAJ.

you gotta take into consideration spot up tendency and off screen aswell. Granger b roy klay are quick with that.