Quickest Release For a True Big?

Which big has the quickest release in the game? Chiefly wondering for 7’0"+ Centers, but also interested in tall (6’10"+) Centers and PF’s who can credibly face those who are 7-foot-plus.

Seems the candidates are:

  • Porzingis
  • Robinson
  • Moses Malone
  • Ilgauskas
  • Sabonis
  • Garnett

I’ve been running a Base 11 bench unit like…

  • Arenas, Kirilenko, Jamison, Robinson, Sabonis
  • Arenas, Kirilenko, Jamison, Cowens, Porzingis

And finally picked up Granger so I guess I can also run…

  • Arenas, Granger, Kirilenko, Jamison, BIG

Also have PD Gugliotta, and DI Kiki.

Doing this even though I’m terribly at Base 11. Definitely shoot better with not especially fast releases, such as those of Bird, Curry, Klay, Durant, Sabonis, etc. I generally am someone who rarely greens releases. And am generally really bad at stuff like sprinting over halfcourt and launching from just inside the logo.

For some reason, I just kind of enjoy the change of pace of being a rapid bricklayer.

Garnett and porzingus. Ppl sleep on Garnett.

I haven’t used Z tho


+1 on KG


Mark Eaton is incredibly fast but has low 3 ratings so he’ll build a house for you real quick :brick:

Kevin McHale is base 49 so I’d add him to your list

MPJ is 6’10” and has a medium/fast release

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Camby has base 11 and can hit 3’s with a shoe and coach, and he can hit from mid range with just a shoe. :+1:t3:

Mchale can lock down most ppl using giannis and shaq too.
Everyone should have a little Mchale in their life.

Garnett for sure and then Malone. Malone has a medium build in this game and would be considered an undersized 4, although I still feel he can be effective in this spot because of his handles/swb. Certainly wouldn’t play him at the 5.

Edit: Realized this could be Moses or Karl

It’s actually set shot 13 which is one of the best jumpshots for non shooters. I shoot straight greens with the shot on my post scorer on park and it’s almost as quick as base 11.

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Right on. I was close at least lol.

Is porzingis release considered fast?

Bill Laimbeer might have that as well

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…he should have like Double Uranium Bruiser or something to go with it…

Sabonis isn’t the quickest but it might be the smoothest.

Just shot with Eaton again and Jesus his shot is as fast as Arenas

Diamond Tyson Chandler is also decent. More like Sabonis and Big Z speed range to me.

It’s Mark Eaton.

Who else has that?

I thought Laimbeer might, but his set shot is slower

That Camby J is nice af

Yeah, okay. I guess that matches my perception. I’m a bad gauger of such things so it helps me a lot to get others’ opinions.

I just recently picked up Porzingis with Purple Kyries and I like him for the height and also him having 3pt plays, and am quite comfortable with his release. But I like KG’s switchability. Should run him more and just keep a bigger big in reserve in case someone spams Yao in the post.

Ah, yeah. I actually just slapped a pair of the Black Jordan XXXI’s on him to boost LQ, Open Mid, PassAcc, and SWB (LOL). Kind of curious if he can be productive when not pressed up on in Philly Elbow / Princeton Chin sets.

I’ve been getting a lot of long midrange shots when running that backscreen cut action in Philly Elbow. I mostly play it for the lob to the cutter, but the Center gets left wide open from long mid very often when opponent offballs and drops back into the paint (and perimeter defender chases cutter), and one lead passes to one’s center to bring him out a few feet.

Good suggestion for others. But I can’t get any GO Rewards.

Oh durr. I haven’t played a single minute with him. Should try him out. Think I already redeemed for him. I do have a Kobe Mid White that’s lying around.

Will try with a Gold shoe first. I suspect I’ll shoot terribly with a Base 11 with 75 Open 3.

Sorry, I edited to reflect Moses. I can’t get any GO Rewards.

Yeah, I shoot really, really well with Sabonis. Open shots I feel drop at like 80% rate. And even slightly contested seem really reliable with him. He makes me feel as secure as my old blankie.


Sabonis is nice. It’s just not as fast as the others. Being so tall helps out a lot.
I shoot better with him than por. And he sets better screens.

Kevin Love has a godly release

His PD is GOATed