Quick thru sts

They removed quick thru sts? Really?

wait u sure?

It was still there around 1AM EST

No way. If true, if they plan on releasing future spotlights, those won’t be worth the headache.

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Wow I would be upset

Anybody got confirmation on this?

It was a broken play… y’all found out and it was a GG after that. Y’all knew this was coming.

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BIO2K said its gone for him

I started a spotlight game and it wasn’t there. Could have been a glitch but I got mad and turned it off and left.

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Instead of fixing the AI, 2k removes the play


This company makes no sense… so they’re giving up on spotlight?


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This is honestly huge if they intended on releasing more spotlights. I absolutely won’t do them.

That’s probably there plan.

I still have it


But does it work

Are you in a spotlight challenge?

Weekly challenge, works fine

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I’ll try again later in this spotlight then.