How do i call this play with the nets playbook ? Im using it and do see it popping up with any position ?

Go to offensive settings in the pause screen and choose it as a favorite play. Then assign it to whoever you want to be cutting to the basket.


which play do i remove ? and i just put it for kareem only ?

And one. It doesn’t matter, you won’t use the others. The easiest though is to replace the fourth one. That way to call it you can just hit L1 twice. Or whatever they play button is on PC.

I dont see the play anywhere ? https://gyazo.com/f0baba7995e2147b1ba3c643f54f25e3

see what i mean. Is it called soemthing else ? cause i dont see it ?

Assign plays. You’re looking at freelances

Go one more down. It’s not a freelance.

And once you figure out how to assign it, I am seeing that running it to cheese the CPU is an art form. I thought it was just an easy thing, but there is actually a skill to it, in order to thread the ball between the defenders and get easy dunks.

I dont see it anywhere ? all of them are freelance


Maybe its different on pc ?

Have you ever run plays? I did not until I learned so I could do this play. I learned from YouTubers:


My bad. It’s above freelances.

got it ty

KAJ gets out of energy. do u not sit him at all ? My guys feels like hes dieing out there an its only the 3rd quarter

I just kept him out there until the points were done, then subbed in my normal center.

this play is OP cheese. does it work in MTU as well lol

lol. People will pick it up quick

this is the best thing since fried rice

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Makes spotlights a breeze.

Is PD giannis that much better than diamond