Quick Sell cards you don’t use!

Just a FYI for everyone .

You’d be surprised how much Mt you can gather by quick selling all the cards you haven’t used or plan to use. Like all your ruby and below players, coaches, shoes, courts, jereseys, etc. Now that the market has crashed so much, I didn’t even bother trying to auction these cards . It took a while but ended up with around 50k mt doing this…

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true and dont forget all the misc collections. jerseys and balls and shoes you dont need

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You’d be surprised , I had so many shoes I never used and racked up MT quick selling .

You’d be surprised how even bronzes/silver still sell for 500 MT if you have patients.


idk if thats true anymore. my sapphire bron couldnt even sell for 500mt. are people really still locking in the ruby collections?

I’m not sure mate, i got constantly over 40 cards in AH which most of them bronze/silver/gold, usually 4+ sells every 4 hours, might not seem like much, but given they’re 100 tops to quicksell i don’t mind.

I’ve sadly done this too many times. You wont believe how much more you can make by keeping your AH full of that stuff. Often times quick sell value is like 25% of the cheapest price you can auction or bin it for.

I think we have all realized that every item is wanted by someone. So while it may not sell one day, it will eventually sell and you will get 4 times the quick sell price. Keep your AH full I’m 2k19 guys.