Quick pause and resume

what does it mean?

hey man nice play! (after a good fake or something)
LOL (after 5 consecutive rebounds)

or it’s more like an a:
Stop doing your shitty plays


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All of the above!

I use it like a horn or honk sometimes. I try to do it when my opponent does something nice to show them respect. I hope they see it like that :joy::rofl::sob:

At times, I pause it every time I go off with someone on a trump court though.

Or just a “competitive” game lol


Just tell yourself it’s “hey man nice play!” And life will be better :laughing:


i do it when the opponents makes a sick play

most of the time they use it to rub it in your face or to complain after a bullshit basket

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I only do it when an opponent is sweating/cheesing and I’m still kicking their ass.

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I do it when I rage the hell out of something that happens so I take that second to quickly question why do I play this game, exhale and carry on

people usually do it to troll.

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the most hilarious thing is when an opponent is winning and start being smug by quick start after a green and then he makes one too many pauses and you can take the win

oh my its so delicious, it happened two times i will never forget it


I used to do it in rage or when some B.S happened but now I genuinely do it to say good job if my opponent does something crazy


I hate when people pause spam every time they shoot I will pause the game and make them wait every second of 259 if they continually do it

Those are sweetest wins ever :beer:
Though, I flash pause now and then as well. Since I don’t play MyTeam that much, I tend to forget that options button does not bring up statistics in this game mode.


If I green and am feeling it, I’ll hit em with a quick flash but that’s rare. Only if you did it first.

But like last night I played a guy in TTO, hit me with the immaculate Twice , I paused both times as to say “I see you” nothing negative.

I love that examples people have given in here. In previous years you had no number of pauses just a set amount of time you could pause. This would lead to people “flash pausing” which is a controversial topic. I use it for all the above reasons. The other night I had a kid who was up 2 with the ball and 7 seconds left. He inbounded then accidentally threw it full court out of bounds. I proceeded to green an almost half court 3 with embiid with a second left and I paused before it dropped to be like sorry man, been there. I’m sure he wasn’t happy about it but :man_shrugging:

yeah thats toxic

Anyone that does this on purpose to gloat is toxic.

I’m only pausing When this happens

It happened to me once except I was the toxic one :confused: after that day I decided to stop pausing. I made a sick comeback in the 4th after being down 12-14 the whole game and i kept making adjustments and didn’t watch the timer lol and when I greened a shot to put me up 7 with like 2 mins left I paused and that was it lmao

I do it when the opponent hits like a Very Early, 70% contested shot. If it happens two or three times I pause the game for a minute to compose myself again bc I know I’m facing another person AND the gods of bullshit

like i say in my country : cheh!

I had a guy hit TWO very lates on me…he was wide open but STILL…a very late? I had to pause off that.

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