Quick menu subs

I’m trying to get my bench to come in on the quick menu.

This is my lineup:

Whenever I use the quick subs it’s always a variation normally including D Rob or B Roy. I want the bench to come in as: Wade/nique/worthy/bosh/keem

Is there a trick with the last three players to stop them being used?

I’d love a response too. Been having trouble getting this to work.

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Start the bench unit and see if u get the correct lineup when u sub in ur bench. Kobe should get in over roy but AD isnt gonna sub in at C bc he’s PF and there’s a c available

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You used to be able to set a bench lineup but 2k took that away because they can’t properly code a game without glitches. You should be able to set the lineups at the lineup menu


So start my 6 to 10 and have the 1 to 5 sub in? I haven’t tried it but I’d guess it would be worse with 4 players with SF eligibility

Put 3 bronzes at the end

Honestly the only foolproof way is to have 5 guys on your bench only, and make sure they all have their natural positions… I used to have diamond Pierce and Josh Smith… both “PF’s”, Josh is 6’9" and Pierce is 6’7" yet Pierce was always throw in PF and Josh at SF. Why?

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Wtf did they get rid of it? I hate not being able to run a 13 man rotation especially with how ass the energy is in the game

Position glitches

Yeah but they can’t figure that shit out still?

They can’t figure out that the SF card art goes in the middle of the SG/PF pictures when the in game lineup popup shows up. They released a lineup with two Darius Garlands. Centers run the ball up at the end of the 4th quarter. All should be easy fixes.