Quick elevator rip 1

Does anyone know what this play was renamed? I havnt seen it in any of the playbooks since last year during the first wave of playbook changed so just wondering if anyone knows if it’s just gone or renamed

It’s no longer in the game, it’s gone since they updated Warriors and Lakers playbooks last year

It was in a few of the other ones didn’t know if they just renamed it that’s the real question they changed the name of a lot of the plays so

The Suns have a similar play for what I know

Try the elevator play in the jazz playbook, thank me later
Edit: quick 12 elevator down. Quick 4 AI down is money as well

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Did you like that playbook? All the plays felt way too slow to develop for me

I play a very slow paced offense so i don’t really mind lol do you usually call the play before crossing half?

Yes I do, as soon as I inbound.

But the shot clock isn’t the reason why I don’t like long plays. It’s rather the sweat you have to encounter online, full court press, steal spam are the worst enemy of long plays haha
Also, if something goes wrong I have very few time to flow into a bail out PNR or ISO

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