Question: what would you choose?




I’m not sure if there’s enough noodles with that second dish!

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Agree that’s some bullshit serving size

@PaulieWalnuts Gah fungule, I could go for some meatballs too.

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I rain into some stupid giamope the other day and this spostata was bustin’ my balls so hard about my weight. Fucking puttana wouldn’t sta-ta-zee!

Hey when did your name get censored? Did it need censoring?

PS. I have no fucking idea what you just said

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Yea I had to change it to Pssy. The “U” was too heavy and hurt my fucking back anyways!


I just said a bunch of whatchamacallit and other giamope shit.


Ah marone!

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Lower looks better but I would have to eat 3 of those as an appetizer

I need a lil veal in my life, not that mac n cheese lookin’ ass!

If we hadn’t fuckin shot ya the fuckin veal woulda caught up to ya puss

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