[Question/POLL] Is it possible that Diamond Consumables pack gives only diamond contracts when you play the game in a different language than english?

Hi guys, i was just wondering, currently i’m playing the game in my native language (italian) and weirdly enough after 12 diamond consumable packs i’ve manage to pull only diamond contracts, is that terrible luck or maybe 2k has F****ed up?

P.s the thing that got me thinking is the fact the my myteam home (the one where 2k post images of the promo) doesn’t work in italian.

no - I have game language set to Italian too and have pulled diamond shoes and managers from D packs

Man consider yourself lucky , stack up those contracts and use them on end game opals. You are set

Diamond contracts not bad at all. Chances are if you get a shoe it will be a cheap Converse or Jordan, though I have pulled pink adidas x2 and Kobe Xi twice. Which mode are you pulling it from? I got all mine from TTOnline.

Honestly you’re better off getting contracts, alot of the shoes suck

TTOnline/Offline weekly rewards