Question on unlimited rewards

If u keep winning in pink diamond do u get a diamond contract everytime after each run??

One reward per tier

It would be nice when you win GO tier to get a box. Considering the skill required to win 12-0 just getting the reward card seems a bit underwhelming


Right? Like why is the last reward just 1 card? Should be a whole tin. Plus once we’ve gone 12-0. Let us start over and be able to do it again if we want and keep getting the rewards.

It shouldn’t be get to GO tier then 12-0…then nothing else for the rest of the season… That’s so dumb.

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Unlimited is my fav mode historically but it has been terrible this year. The only season I decided to go 12-0 was for Larry Johnson because he was one of my fav players as a kid.

Other than that I’ve finished PD tier and didn’t bother with the 12-0 grind. I might do the Ray Allen grind since it’s the last season.

I just finished the PD league and the rewards box gave me 2 HOF badges instead of 1 this time. Currently 26-2 12 more to go!


Yeah it was like that last month too, should have been that way all year.