Question...if you have a disagreement with a 2K rep can they do anything to your account?

Curious…I had a player that was badged out and I swapped him with the exact same player from my auctions then when I swapped him back the badges were gone.

2K support didn’t believe me and they were being smart asses telling me to have a good day and hanging up the chat.

So I have had abysmal pack odds the whole season. Is it possible for them to do something to your account to cause horrible odds? Makes me wonder.

@Petravork we need you to rate this conspiracy haha

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Mods you can just delete this…probably stupid, just pondering out loud.

One take away from this is to be careful swapping badged cards between your auctions if you have duplicates.

it’s happened to me before - shit is messed up. my account is too tarnished to contact 2k support lol


Bells are ringing… one sec

Wtf are you asking?

Easy. 2/10 company without a doubt.


Damn so if you buy, sell or giveaway MT they can probably see that on there if you contact them.

So it has happened to you before? Bastards acted like I was crazy and trying to take them for 20 K.

Was it a heated disagreement? Also, did you leave a bad survey?

Just asking if you get into it with their prick customer service agents if they can mess with your account.

I didn’t.

Oh yeah, stuff gets sus when you sell buy certain players and then another certain player gets a random 700k lol

luckily, i’ve always got 20 stacks of every badge. lemme know if there’s a badge you need, i’ll put some up for cheap. I hate seeing this stuff happen

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Wasn’t that heated…I was able to restrain myself from saying what I wanted to say.

I appreciate…it’s cool though. It’s just bizarre how they treat their customers. In the real world even if you were lying your ass off they would still try to make you happy.

From their perspective it’s idiotic to alienate a consumer that has spent an idiotic amount of money on the game over 20-30 K MT.

Customer service is letting the customer be right just to ensure the company doesn’t lose that customer’s business

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It is interesting that they feel like they have so much leverage when dealing with their customers. Really says a lot.

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They already banned my first account so I’m free to say what I want to say to them now. :joy:

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Did they ban you when they did the ban wave?

I believe so

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