Question for they guys that have played a few MT cycles

With higher tiers (ammy/diamond/PD/GO) being available theoretically day 1, are you still enjoying it? I myself enjoyed the progression upwards of tiers from gold through to PD’s but at this rate we will have full PD squads by xmas (some of you guys are damn close already)

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There will still be progression but I think it’s clear that this cycle is really gearing things toward big spenders in an unprecedented way. Gap between the best possible team and a casual player’s team has never been so massive, not this early in the cycle.

I do, also, kind of enjoy a slow march of progression.

It’s unfortunate that, say, before All Star Break, some players may have a breakout game and get a Sapphire Moments and the card is utterly irrelevant before it’s even released.


I enjoyed the process and the grind. Proud of the team i have and where i am at. But… its boring as hell. I still go on it for hours but im doing nothing half the time lol


People here have almost all PD’s already and we are not even 2 months into the game…

That’s why i asked

I’m gonna Red Dead full time & come back to go 12-0 & back to RDR2. Its not fun anymore. I know theres people better than me out there, but I very rarely run into one. PD Tim Duncan, Mutombo, Issel, diamond AK47, J.R. Smith & the rest of the squad…not fun right now.

Bout to sell my 700k & peace out till Playoffs.


Im going to play rdr as much as i can. I spent all my MT on steph and couple other cards. Then i went on for an hour and turned 1500 mt into 63k mt lol

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I’m actually enjoying that we have these nice ass cards early on I was never a fan of getting promos with the set reward ruby Kobe lol. I’m sure I’m in the minority but I play myteam to run with the best versions of the players I want to assemble like a op ass free for all essentially. I wish I had a all PD team like some of you guys because even with a team like that I enjoy online play so much I just enjoy beating people online even if there’s no reward just the whole concept of going head to head for the win is enjoyment to me.

One thing to note is I notice a lot of people are only chasing these PD rewards as they are the best cards avaible now not their favorite players or people they even like to play with for me I’m going to assemble the best team of players I actually want to use the only PD I want is dikembe for my all defense lineup. I know for a fact some players that have PD Stockton wouldn’t even use him if he wasn’t the only option right now they just want to have the “best” team without using players they enjoy which can also lead to you being burnt out.


Enjoying the post up game. Havent gone against a pd lineup yet but Shaq has 98 strength so i guess i’ll still be able to post up


I dont care how good or bad my cards are at any point, i enjoy the game itself more then any card.


Just abuse the dunk tendency with him lol. Just try catch it deep inside with him and go for it

I know i have in the past burnt out before “end game” or 2-3 months after release. Perhaps 2k saw this and has started to churn out better cards earlier to keep players like me around longer.


I always walk away for 2months in the middle of the cycle due to the same thing

They definitely did. I think it’s more so because a lot of casual myteam players get into the mode once diamonds are available(most of my friends actually).

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I agree and tbh most of the “diamonds” we have atm are pretty average with high intangibles. I think 2k made a calculated decision knowing that the gem glow itself would be enough to get the casuals in early

I turned away from myteam the first month after a few dom games it was so boring lol. But now i have a new drive to finish dom

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check out my tutorial if you struggle with all time and fantasy dom bro

aight my man link it for ya boy

For someone like me who doesn’t spend and works the market I love it. I hated how last 2 years the current cards were so trash and then you have a million moments cards . I wish they would go to a system like mlb the show where all current cards are rated their real ratings and go up and down depending on how well they play without releasing new cards. You could still do moments like dude scores 50 and actually only ruby or amethyst quality normally give them a moment card for doing something special. But guys like curry, kd, lbj Westbrook imo dropping 50 isn’t that impressive they do it all the time it seems

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Ya I really am a fan of not having to wait until March to play with cool cards.

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