Question for Nintendo Switch users:

Does anyone have a diamond PG4 shoe that they can sell me?

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how much u wanna pay :rofl:


lol I just woke up and went for a run. came back and the last one I sold was at 28

Oh lord. I can’t even post a timely gif. It’s so tiny. Anyone have a decent host site to suggest for gifs? Lol.

it appeared large to me initially


@Joel is your guy for all your switch needs

@risd 15k? 20k?

don’t want to be an 4ss but it barely went for that cheap during crashes. imma put another one up for 28 and u can decide

I was passing em up for 12k when they dropped, but I will take your word for it. No big deal, I don’t watch shoe prices much. There just aren’t any up.

Did you play the kobe challenges? Maybe you’ll get one there

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Yeah, I knocked those out already.

u wrote 15. then edited it. 15 after tax nets u not much over 12

Whos the best guy I can buy for 200k

buy late night US time. I got ak for 180 yesterday. usually alot higher tho. or u could get ben Wallace or eddy curry both about 100. I love them

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No, I didn’t edit anything mate. I wrote “15k?” Then I added “20k?”

Then I mentioned the price I passed them up for, I don’t understand what you’re implying by me editing something?

Eddy Curry is a dawg. He’s insanely underpriced. I would say grab him if you’re in need of a big.

when I read it it was only 15k? it’s alright. I would have put him up for 20k then u tried to be cute. I sold one for 25 and another for 28 in the past 6 hours

Wtf is with you being sassy my dude?

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