Question for Malone users?

Is there anything that you don’t like about the card after using it for a while? I’m about to lock him today, made his exact copy in play now so I know how he plays, absolutely love all of his animations and release (might be my favorite in the game), but I’m not sure about his defense… It seems like he gets outrebounded quite a lot (at pf) and he’s not the best rim protector. Is that the case for y’all?

I can always move him to sf if this gonna be a big problem but I’d rather play him at pf.

And yeah, I’m aware that I should probably get Yao instead of him, but Yao’s dribble sigs are pretty bad and I want to have some fun in the last month of 2k20.

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I was just thinking about this card… tried out the PD yesterday and I loved the release


Man, he was one of my favorite cards last year and he’s even better this year. I absolutely love that release. It’s weirdly satisfying to shoot with him :slightly_smiling_face:

He is one of the best SF/PF bro, GODLY if you use him properly.

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Where do you play him? At sf?

I love the Malone card and he’s so much better at SF than at PF for me.

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I dont have him but I once use my fd’s account, I mean sf or pf doesnt really matter, it depends on where you want him to appear in your quick flare, or 5 out

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Malone is the bomb…mine isn’t eligible at the 4 tho :man_shrugging:



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@DoctorMcGlitchy has been bringing a new type of vibe to 2KGamer recently and I like it :joy:

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