Question for Celtics fans ONLY

Do you think if somehow the Celtics got out of the East that they could have beaten GSW, given the injuries? Assuming same unfortunate scenario with Klay and KD.

Obviously they looked helpless at the end against Milwaukee but hypothetically if they could get to the Finals could they have pulled it off?


If they beat the bucks they would have had to beat the raps. Woulda been a great series

@raptorsbenchmob I see you typing and this thread is not for you. lol

Nvm. Thought you were gonna troll me haha

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I don’t think so. Maybe if Tatum and brown stepped up a bit more then there is a slight chance. Kyrie did horrible too. So if they all played their part then, probably, yes

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Ive always been nice to you my friend lol

Why would you pose this just to celtics fans lol

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We would have a shot for sure, if we played to potential.

I have been salty trolling lately so I absolutely would deserve it

Not a Cs fan, but a Simmons fan, so I feel like I’m always in the know.

I was onboard the Cs hype train coming into the season.

Honestly, it seems like the Kyrie stuff was just too much, and that team was just done with each other. I think on paper they could have done it for sure, but the chemistry was just non-existent by the playoffs.

Most non Celtics fans are dogging us right now. With good reason… obviously the motivation of this thread comes from a place of pure salt

The Celtics wouldn’t of even beat the Sixers or Raptors. You are talking about the warriors just with Curry then yes the Celtics would win.

Celtics were too inconsistent on a quarter to quarter basis in the playoffs for me to believe we’d have won anything past the Pacers series, despite all the talent we had

It depends what team showed up. If it was the team that we saw on the west coast road trip during the regular season then yes, but if it was the team we saw for most of the season then no. Even with the Warriors injuries we still would have needed to play great team basketball like the Raptors, and the Celtics only showed they could play great team ball only a handful of times throughout the season.

And btw Idt the Celtics could have beaten the Raptors in a seven game series unless there was a big injury on the Raptors side. But if it were the Sixers we could have made it

the man posed the question as if we’d made it to the dubs already, so the answer is yes - we would have had a shot

Celtics time has passed. Was a solid 3 years :grinning:

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Couldn’t be more wrong the Celtics still have a bright future and can still compete today. You’re just a Celtics hater and that’s okay

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KD and Klay are out next season. Any of the top 10 teams could make a run next year.

Facts here. We young af with plethora of assets…

Am i? Hayward big contract. AD not happening. Kyrie leaving. Brown and Tatum gotta get paid soon.

Who gotta get paid soon.

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