Question about triggering plays

guys one of the things i am confused about is how some specific players can trigger plays by themselfs, while some other players need to pass the ball to someone else in order to trigger the play. For example Giannis even if he is PF/C can trigger plays by himself while the Grandma even is he is PF/SF cant. Is there an indication on his stats? something that can indicate that? or is it a hidden option that we cant know for sure b4 we buy a player?

Look under “Plays” ( to see which players can run certain plays.

this is not what i meant. I am talking about triggering the play with a player, not what plays a card can do.

Those are the type of plays a card is able to trigger. You can try assigning plays to a player in the IG menu but it doesn’t always work.


Do you mean plays or freelances?

I’ve noticed that certainly freelances can’t be initiated by players playing certain positions.

What @NBA2KSeries said.

No. What i mean is…ok lets take an example… I am running Heat 13 playbook. and with my playmaker i can initiate a Quick Horn 4 to my SG. I can also initiate that Quick Horn 4 to my sg with my Giannis as well. But when i am trying to initiate it with Larry Johnson, then he needs to pass the ball to my playmaker so he can initiate it and start the play in order to pass it to my SG.

Larry Johnson can’t trigger those type of plays. Giannis has “PnR Handler” & “Isolation”.

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Thats why i am confused.
On 2k20, Lock in “NEXT” Zion (SF/PG) had P&R Roll Man. Opal “NBA IS BACK” Zion (PF/SF) had also P&R Roll Man.
The lock in “NEXT” Zion could initiate any play, while the Opal “NBA IS BACK”, could not.