Question about remote play PS4

Got a question about remote play on android.

Is it possible to connect when you’re away from the network your PS4 is on?

I’ve been able to connect anywhere when using remote play on my PC but when using my android phone I can only connect when I’m on my home WiFi. Just trying to figure out if that’s the way it’s supposed to be or not?

Can’t answer about android, but on iOS you can connect away from home but you must be on WiFi and not cellular data, even when not at home. Kind of a stupid requirement since LTE is faster than some folks internet at home.

R-play does not have this requirement but it’s a paid app.

Yeah I’ve got it set up. It works if I’m at home. But can’t connect with Android outside of my home WiFi network

Thanks mate, I assume they would be the same so maybe mine isn’t working as intended.