Question About Heat Check and current players

Two questions really.

  1. Does anyone know how the heat check cards will work exactly? Is it a standard stats bump? Can a silver go to an Amy? How long will it last? Will badges get upgraded? etc…

  2. How will the existence of Heat check cards impact the release of other cards for current players? Will they replace moments cards? Will they reduce the number of cards for each current player (i.e. KD isn’t going to have a card in each tier this year, just an Amy and a Heat Check and maybe ea PD later?). Will the heat check cards still be worth anything by say, March/April when all the good players probably already have Diamonds and PDs?

Im sure were still gonna get diamond and pd moments

Heat checks has 48hrs boosts. Tbh I think people overrate this cards.
I guess moments become more rare than last year.

I’d be ok with fewer moments cards. Those cards were way too OP and made me never use those players regular cards

This can actually make people mt,buy some lebrons,currys,AD,etc and resell them when they get boosted