Question about Equalizer?

is it okay to run two pink diamonds in one lineup? i’m currently running one starting and one off the bench but want to run them both at the same time

I do. It isn’t that bad

Not to go a different route on you, but I’m starting to believe in less equalizer, and more 2k’s bullshit sliders just randomly favoring one team.

I played a guy last night that had the best team I’ve ever seen, 13 pink diamonds, with PD Jordan on the friggin’ bench, and he made every… single, shot. Seriously. Meanwhile, I missed about four completely wide open looks. So I think it’s obviously completely random, just like everything else with this scripted ass game.


thanks for your input, i completely agree with you

I run 3 in my starting lineup and definutely feel it. I don’t shoot as many 3s with my starting lineup anymore because of that, and I have noticed missing 94% free throws more often now. Maybe it’s in my head.

This is completely true, there were games where i’d miss everything against god teams and make everything about full ruby-amy teams, then stuff happens 360 degree opposite.

You mean 180. 360 would put you right back where you started lol.


Lulz, right on.

This is actually how it supposed to be naturally lol. Prolly he had a loosing streak ended against u. It’s never random.

I can’t imagine that was the case. The dude was very good, and had the best team I’ve ever seen. Hard to imagine him on a losing streak, but I guess you never know.

I run 1 pink diamond in the starting 5, then I have 4 off of the bench

do u mind showing ur lineup?

Give me a few to create it

It’s not set, I rotate a lot of the players vs matchups and run mostly players that are good at multiple positions

Also most of my guys have diamond shoes

thanks, i was just wondering what u ran, seems like a great squad

Set yourself up so you can switch things up

Honestly moving these guys around etc I have a lot of fun

There is a lot of great combinations for 3-2 4-1 and 3pt plays

At this point, almost everyone is running at least 2 PDs. The equalization with a using few is barely even there anymore… but if you run 13 PDs, you will hate your life for 20 minutes most games.

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I run 10 now, diamonds are Klay and Hakeem, amy Jsmoove also. All games are close as long as i can start one without the error lol.

Yes if you can keep it near 10 down you can win

But I got tired of it lol

I can tell in the first quarter of I’m getting EQed then I run offense through my lowest rates cards