Question about coach boosts

Do higher tiered coaches give you a better boost? Does a gold coach and amythest coach give the same boosts to a player? I want the +5 boosts but I dont wanna pay for an amythest coach if its not needed

I have Dan Toni and he only gives 4 point boosts

My Diamond Kerr gives everyone in my lineup +5

Kerr gives +5 D’antoni +4 which means that lower coaches would give even less compared.

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whats his coach style

So diamond coaches only give +5 or does it have to do with individual profienceiy ratings on players?

They give +5 to up to 5 stats. The proficiency has to do with how many of the boosts they get out of the 5.

Up to 6 stats.

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Nice I want him, might have to wait for the price to dip tho