Question about 2k20 versions

Preordering legendary edition gets you among other things WEEKLY PACKS. I believe that something similar was available in previous versions. Would like to ask you guys if you got any good pulls from those packs if you had that higher version of the game.

No trash packs don’t waste your money on it… Just buy the regular version

Dont. Worth

I decided fuck it I’ll just get the legend edition

Before you see if the games trash or not lol

I look at it like this

I know for a fact NBA Live will be garbage lmao

With that being said I’ll be preordering
2k and cod today

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Lmaoo so true tho nba live cant be trusted :rofl:

No the packs are not worth it any more than buying 1 cheap league pack per week. I just treat it as a tiny MT allowance.

I always get the legend edition but the “rewards” haven’t been worth it in years.

i pulled like 40$ worth MT from the packs with 100k VC they gave on the launch in 2k19.

You get weekly League/Heat Check packs for a longer duration. But getting these later in the cycle is really only about drawing decreasingly valuable stuff for AH sale for MT.

You’ll also get a card or two that could be useful right from start, as well as, of course, VC/MT that you can use to get a headstart.

Personally, I’m not into a paid advantage, so I just buy the basic pre-order so I can play early.

I think I pulled a diamond contract in one but it wasn’t early. It’s about the only good pull I’ve had all year

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Really, the lack of physical content is what bothers me the most about the legend edition.

I’m a sucker for the Vice City colors though so the physical legend edition is a must buy for me.

Pulled a HC Lebron early in the cycle and quick sold him for 100K MT.