Qualifier lineup?

Anyone ready for the cheese ? Lineups ? Sounds like u should just play your best squad …

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Just use your best cards it seemed like they turned off the OVR based matchmaking for round 1 and it just paired you with the first available team in your region.

I think this is my lineup! Going for defense over offense! If I add one offensive card it might be reward Luka doncic.

Of course all my guys in the lineup have been fully evo’d minus kersey I’m about 55 points away from greatness!

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Kersey is a beast. You were right. He’s got that high release like Walker. Wish he had some kind of contested shot badging.

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What do you mean? Like he doesn’t have steady shooter at all, so he when he’s open he never misses. I mean never, Haha!

I haven’t had a problem hitting contested shots with him. I used him in triple threat offline all the time and regularly hit 35% contested greens all game long. I don’t even set the screen in the corner most of the Times, I just fire the three on the catch.