Qualifier Discussion Thread

Yea i believe they did patch it

Kind of curious but why is there no thread where people post there unlimited record (non 12-0 service related of course)?

Imma try for it but I don’t think I’m that good nor will the qualifying system be in my favor

Good time to sell players

Good luck to everyone participating this weekend. Remember lower overalls equal more points and it’s all about the rage quits lol.

Hopefully they limit timeout spamming and implement a mercy rule.

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@tsunamiwaves @ATGAlex

Wasn’t able to play last night but can run some today if you guys are available. Just let me know.

Msg me if anyone else wants to scrim as well :smiley:

@YuBuuBuu and @Carlo221 taking two of the spots on XBOX tomorrow

I’m about to get on you down for some games?

Ingame right now - gimme like 10 minutes.

For the qualifiers do y’all know if there are prizes for like just placing or advancing? Never played it before lol

May the Servers be with you!

Anyone tryin to lab on X1 holla at me n i’ll b streaming tomorrow…

When does the qualifier start 7pm eastern time?

Last year there was rewards for placing but it was useless ones like Ronnie Seikaly and I think Terrell Brandon

Qualifiers start 1PM EST tomorrow.

@ATGAlex Sorry for wait bro you down to play now?

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I’ll send invite.

You know what difficulty is qualifer on? We should play at that.

Yh I’m not tryna win the competition cus I won’t lol it’s just if there’s no prize for upgrade then I won’t even play for fun :sweat_smile:

Nope I think it’s going to stay all star tbh

@ATGAlex Complete demon bro. These scrims are fun - msg me if anyone else wanna play :smiley:

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