Put Diamond Shoe on Diamond LBJ?

I just pulled some foamposites. Should I pop them on LBJ or hold? It’s the older Diamond LBJ.

You have lebron already?

Yeah, hes my bench SF right now.

Ahh okay then. Was going to say it be better to find a badged out one with that shoe for 120k. And sell the shoe for like 40k.

I’m just wondering if I should pop it on him or hold to sell it for 40k. It would be nice to save some MT for future players, but a speed boosting LBJ sounds OP haha

Yeah that cards op. Hes like a sharpshooting lebron which feels wrong for me to use him lol depends where ur sitting, wanting to make mt or save for the future. I spent all my mt now but have a pretty dope team

That’s exactly where I’m at too, guess I could do either thing then haha

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