Pure stretch 4 or pure sharp

I Wanted to ask you guys which is better for park ? stretch 4 or pure sharp SG and for what reasons ?

Im going for a 70ovr pure stretch rn. You’ll be taller than a sg sharp

Pure stretch, the slight extra distance you can hit shots doesn’t even compare to the sheer ability to not get contested that pure stretches have. And they can play better defense. This coming from a pure sharp player

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I have like 80k vc right now and i’m thinking of creating one, is it decent in park ?

I will try this out mate, 6.11 with minimum weight and minimum wingspan is decent ?

That idk, I’ve read 7’ but wingspan idk

I just know I’m a pure sharp and if I could do it over again I’d be a pure stretch, it also makes you more viable in 2’s. You can defend post scorers and still hit shots

thanks a lot mate, i’m a 90 overall playmaking shot 6.4 and only play park, and people always avoid me, and even if they didn’t i’m never the ball handler on my team so I thought it’s a pretty useless build since I only play park, now i’m going over again with a pure stretch 4 i guess

You already know bro. Ass blast some 3s in their face and let the “lightcontests” rain down boi.

7ft PF pure stretch Trex arms.

Probably trash on defense but you gonna be raining 3s > 2s anyway

I will create this build right now, thanks a lot mate, are the badges difficult to get ?

Shooting badges are the easiest to get in the game. Watch dat Boi on youtube i just gave u his build

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