*Pure Speculation* Could we potentially see a D or PD Admiral in All Star packs?

Once again, this is just my imagination running wild but what do you guys think the possibility of this happening is?

Vince Carter. 900%

I don’t see why we couldn’t see an Admiral too though.


In a joking manner

Can’t you see that the goat GO Spud Webb and his sidekick PD Nate Robinson will be released at All-Star Weekend

It’s so obvious

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I would love PD Nate Robinson. Bulls nate robinson

I hope not. That would be the troll card of Allstar packs. Don’t wish that on us. Imagine thinking you pulled PD Vince and it’s Nate Robinson.

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I need Seth to win the 3-point contest so we can have a PD Seth bf a PD Steph.

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Nate rob > vince big faxxxx

Kobe won a dunk contest… :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Drob or karl malone would be pretty dope tbh

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The admiral was on my squad from the time I got him in weeklies till the end of last year

I would be so happy to have PD Duncan and PD David Robinson standing next to each other in my starting line up


i just hope its not underwhelming. the cny sat wasnt terrible. the best one so far.

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I would love those twin towers!