Puma Sky Dreamer - best shoe in game ( ! )?

Never noticed this shoe but he has the best combination of usefull boosts for a lot of players and
a PICK AND ROLL DEFENSE IQ boost that will help to defend screen offense, especially when the help defense is off. For Pg most effective but i will put him on Camby Russel, KD and Bird too.

3+ Ballhandling / always good
3+ Pick and Roll defense / unique
3+ 3pt / must have boost
3+ Speed with ball / must have boost no. 2
3+ Vertical / jumping higher on dunks and rebounds, i take it!

If you know a better shoe with 3pt boost let me know.


facts but it’s annoying some players can get only a specific brand right now

Absolutely. Iverson gets reebok only, there’s no Di shoe out for him…

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yeah and even for pumas,unless it’s a player who can get any kind of shoe i don’t think there’s a good card that can only get pumas,that’s probably why nikes are the most expensive for now

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  • D.Green
  • Nash
  • Bird
  • Webber
  • Houston
  • World B free
  • Campy Russel
  • Ray Allen
  • Majerle
  • Stephen Jackson
  • Doug Christie
  • Silas

can wear the shoe i tried quick now.

Manu/ PG13/ Payton/ KD/ D Will / Sleepy / D. Johnson can only wear nike / jordan …
But still a lot that can use him

Yes the new players like Pg13/ KD/ Manu … Can only wear nike, some jordan.

Hope that the higher rated cards can wear every shoe later.

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You are giving away the secret man! Trying to keep that shit as low as possible lol.

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Sorry that was not my intention …

I bought 7 already, if someone needs the shoe hit me up - i will list it directly for 50k.

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Bruh those shoes are 15k on Xbox lol. You gotta keep this on the low bro :joy:


just bought a while ago for 12k in xbox, i put to doctor j

Do we have a list of all the shoes similar to last year?

Also - I think acceleration boost is pretty underrated. I like the 3/speed/acc/random/random shoes.

I don’t have a list but i remember the most stuff

They changed a lot and switched stuff.
So the boosts of last years kobe are on a jordan this year.
There are maybe 3 shoes with 5 useful boosts.

Yes acceleration is nice too.

Getting confused sometimes with the different speedboosts.
There’s one that boosts your speed on defense when you shuffle left right. Forgot the name.

i know the most expensive shoes now is kd pe 13 something

Ah yeah i have them on payton,
permi-def/ 3s/ speed with ball/ steal /some kind of passboosts

Overpriced af… Not that great but most cards can wear nike.

It’s always like that in the beginning, later on everyone has 2k shoe logo so they can get any shoe


i remember in nba 2k20, i literally earned atleast 3million mt selling travis scott and white FOG shoes. each shoes sells from 50-80k, especially near the end game, and i normall sell atleast 10 shoes a day (in a good day, usually after the content drop).

Yeah shoes have unlimited space in inventory. Farming contracts & shoes and sell later wss great for making MT.
This year we have the badges too that will make it easier to farm MT.
So i’m glad as long as the badge filter isn’t fixed… Makes it easier to farm badges.

yeah, its not yet the time for shoes and diamond contract investments wait when they start dropping diamond consumables lockercodes, when its already included in tto offline vault/prizes, and if we have lots of galaxy opals in the market