Pulled Yao, Now What?

Sorry for making another topic. But I was lucky enough to pull Yao from the goat code (LFG!) but I have no clue what the smartest idea to do with him is. Sell or keep? Idk if dynamic duo packs are confirmed so he might not tank in price. Anyways, would love to hear your thoughts.


its mid august. keep and enjoy terrorising opponents with him


Now you dominate


Keep and if not happy sell Sunday morning

Keep and dominate. Best card in the game by far.

As apocalypse said to the X-Men

I am as far beyond mutants as they are beyond you.

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Enjoy the Asian Sensation!! Congratulations on the pull!!

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Now you play the game.

Now it’s time to post hook!

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Say China Numba Wan :cn:

Yao Ming my money tall

Quicksell him he’s a suck card

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Okay, should I use my leftover mt to buy another goat card? Dirk? Hakeem? Duncan?

Keep it. His selling value is not much.
He’s one of the best cards.

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What’s your team looks like?

Duncan for sure. If your gonna get Hakeem get the glitched one

There are 2 group of people left in the mode. Yao owners & free-3$ crew :joy:. So enjoy it.

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Haha obviously I didnt quicksell the Lord.

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Run him with Kareem or AD I’m doing so right now and it’s fun.

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I’m running him with Bol Bol which is insane lol

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