Pulled Kareem out of a TTO duo pack

TTO packs might have same odds as the OG duo packs.

First pull higher than Amy in thousands on MTU/TTO packs this season.

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they do. locker codes also, I got Rose from one

I’ve seen so many duo packs and can’t land a single one, haha, infuriating knowing they are juicy

I pulled Scottie and Kemp out of 5 single packs just now.

Did the same a couple nights ago, those Duos packs are still money.

You baited me into 5 packs of bronze/silver/gokd cards :-1::rofl:

I’ve cleared board like 5 times and have not seen one duo pack -_-

But i did finally pull an opal out of a pack opening.

3 singles Playoff TB packs and packed scottie

Sold scottie and bought a badged/contract Draymond lol

Got Jamison yesterday from one. This is what the board pack odds should have been all year

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Just hit for 10k MT, didn’t expect that.

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I hit that last time too. Really nice reward Haha

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Goddamn, I keep seeing all these 5 tokens, diamond/theme packs but I can’t land a damn ball tonight.