Pulled HOF Blinders... Now what?

So I lucked up and pulled Hof Blinders for my limited reward… now what’s the best move?

Option A: throw it on someone like Curry/Luka and profit some…

Option B: just keep it and use it on a card I’m stuck with like D-Rob

Option C: throw it on hero Zion that I have and just keep him. He’s already got everything else…

Decisions, Decisions lol

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Put it on a card and sell. I promise you, future cards will have that badge which will tank the value of the Blinders badge.


Hero Doncic.

Of the cards that are out now, I’d put it on Doncic to sell. You could also wait for the next big card without it and potentially make a bigger profit. 2k has generally shied away from putting it on most cards because of how differently it functions on each gen. They could change that up, but if they stick with it and we get a DM Kobe/Ben Simmons/Giannis with no Blinders you could make a killing by putting that on them.

FWIW, I pulled Blinders just before Quantum KD dropped. Snagged one on a bid, put the badge on and put it back up immediately. Made 150K profit


I don’t think this will be the case. The reason the badge is so valuable is because blinders is awful on current gen and op on next gen. 2k knows this and is just leaving the badge off of all cards so it doesn’t screw over a large majority of the player base. The badge will stay valuable the rest of the way and is the only badge that will hold it’s value.

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Putting it on whatever the most hype card dropped Friday and then resell is the move.

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In my experience it is not as high in demand as clamps or deep 3s. Hero MJ sold for 450k prime time on a Saturday…

Your experience may be different but if I could go back in time I would’ve just kept it for a card I never take off my team (Harden)

I think that 2k might do something about this. They might somehow give a card blinders on next gen and not give it steady on current gen.

Not sure how that would be possible this year. The huge and puzzling mistake was making a harmful badge on current gen directly translate into the best badge on next gen.

Why did this is a real head scratcher…

I would def put it on a card and sell it cuz I’m sure eventually all cards will have everything

Idk about of blinders, blinders is steady shooter on current gen. People run away players with that badge, I know this badge on hof is so useful his boost is much better that his weakness. But still the popular opinion it’s just hate it.

i am waiting for a shooting simmons or pg giannis to put mine in! i dont think neither of these cards will come with any blinders at all.

I don’t know how much people check the badges before they buy a card so you’re taking a risk here. You could get a lot or you not. I personally would put it on zion if i were you

Curry, Ray, Doncic, Hondo has the fastest releases on nextgen. Ray has it, he is by far the best free shooter you can get. Top3 incl ah. if shooting is the case. Curry & Ray lacking size and defense, Hondo is a lock. Doncic is the best option for blinders badge & 3p hunters. Blinders badge should not be wasted on big men or on slow releases.


If you put it on hero curry ill bid 700k


Def. until Friday at least…

Then maybe decide after the drop. Assuming March Madness packs, but when we get a Giannis/Kobe/LeBron if you slapped it one of them and sold it on a weekend you could make some big MT.

95% of next gen players just run in circles and zig zag. Blinders wont help them. Slap it on a shooter you like and have fun.

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