Pulled a single with the rest of my MT

Thanks 2K, always wanted Omer Asik :slightly_smiling_face:



Packs juiced


LMAO … I was about to think to myself “how the f— are people doing this”


This post was epic.

It’s even better he used all his mt for this

Mods pls pin thread :joy:

Just wanted to clutch out a GO, but I got something better :upside_down_face:

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This year’s most depressing card.


Somehow I feel like emerald Bledsoe hurts the soul a bit more


Haven’t gotten a good pull since Tmac. One of the better pulls though haha. I only remember getting excited about him and Bird from my pack pulls. Ive finally given up on using MT on packs and only use the VC I get from my career. Never pull anything. Don’t think I’ll have a GO pull. Ive gotten a few nice PD’s from Opal packs though.

Sapphire Clint Capela was the one for me. Always hurts my feelings.

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That same Clint Capela pulled on September 6th “2k Day” …

Wooooooo , Let’s fucking goooooo!!

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gg bro

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Well. If our crash theory is true, Omer is the best candidate for 13th card slot with his 2405 total attributes which is the lowest for a single card. I’m telling you, this card is more valuable than Bongas and i made over 100k flipping Bongas :cold_face:

This is what i noticed in the previous 2k years (i havent pulled too many packs this year) but my only good pulls would be when i have close to no mt left after opening the pack

Wait is this actually true?

Everything i said above is true.

I clutched one out last night. my first opal too, moses malone! was happy then pulled hedo and peja from packs this morning…

well too bad, i threw him up for 650