Pulled a camo ball

I should sell right ? How much do u reckon ?

I put mine up for 10k and both sold within like 20 mins

Correct me if I am wrong , but there is no collection reward for those balls , funny that they go for so much

Didn’t even know that was worth something. Thought it was just the vintage ball

There are. It’s the bronze, silver, and gold balls. Collect all 3 and you get the disco ball.

I just bought two for 5k each. Hope I can flip them lol

Would a bid be worth it ? Think i can make more ? Lol


That shit goes for like 700 mt now.

Nah dude. On xbox there is 2 on bid only. And 2 that are 7750 bin. Dunno what your seeing

The two 7750s are mine lol. Hope to flip them

I figured. The 10k is mine lol

Godspeed to us both lol

You guys should both sell easily I reckon. 10k less likely but will still go

There’s still a lot of mt around and people are lazy, so they’ll pay even though they can get them much cheaper even without sniping

That’s on ps4.

700mt is a snipe though. See them often between 3-5k

That plus the balls from domination.

Barring a few of the faves, the city jerseys are dropping quite a bit. I think they might be getting pulled a lot lately