Pull-Up jumpshots are REALLY good in 2K21

Been testing this a lot recently in Triple Threat Online and i’m not too sure how i feel about it yet. On one hand, i love that the pull up mid range game is actually viable for once in 2K.

Those who truly know bball, you know that one of the things that makes guys like Kobe, MJ, KD, Kawhi, Dame, Steph so hard to guard is the fact that they can get to their spot on the floor, stop on a dime, and pull up for a jumper. It’s a nightmare to guard IRL. I like the fact that we can do that with legit success in 2K. It opens up the offense a bit and adds another element to scoring.

But on the other hand, i think the pull up/leaners are a tad bit OP. Especially when you use the shot stick. You can aim that thing for like 5 seconds it feels like. The “leaners” or “fades” should not be so easy to hit because people will start to run side to side and just shoot them all game.

So i’m kinda torn on this right now. I’ve only been playing TTO because the shooting isn’t easy there. I’m not touching Unlimited again until they revert the shooting hotfix as its too easy to shoot in that mode right now.

LOVE that we can play like Kobe and actually have success with the pull up jumper consistently, but i think it needs to be toned down just a tiny bit for balancing purposes


Leggo Earv my man :fire:

Bro are you using the stick???


I’ve found the pull ups Very effective I use lillard and Houston and of off a pnr screen instead of passing to my big I just pull up when there’s a bit of space it’s so good

Yup, using the shot stick. I honestly cannot go back to square if the shot stick stays the way it is. It really opens up the shooting. I turn the aim off for layups at the moment though


Thanks man I’ll practice the stick.

Yeah its great that we can attack the midrange consistently with the pull-up off the PnR. Its very refreshing actually. I just hope it doesn’t get out of control to where guys start turboing side to side just for a leaner

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I’m so happy pull-ups are effective again, having to Quickstop to shoot off the move last year was SO ANNOYING.

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exactly what park is rn lol

Any tips for aiming on pull ups?

Do you usually move your stick around after starting the shot? I’ve been inconsistent on pull ups and any moving jumpers with the stick aiming.

They don’t work in TT Offline. That game mode is toxic AF this year. They need to tone down the CPU defense a few notches. I don’t think I lost more than a couple CPU games all last year. This year I’ve lost more than I’ve won and I don’t really even want to play the mode. Even emerald, gold, and sapphire CPU players play flawless defense against my amethyst players. They started hardness too high this year, especially since they make you do challenges with crappy low-level cards.

I hold the stick straight down and it usually starts off very close to the center, which makes it easier to line up. The pull up animations seem longer so you have more time to adjust the aim. Being able to shoot consistently without having to set your feet really is a gamechanger

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The computer in Domination shoots about 15 of these per game and makes 10 of them. They so often register as white contest even with a defender all over. Based on that, not surprised at all that they’d be OP with the right timing

Is your pro stick orientation set to Camera Relative or Absolute?

Also, is your Pro Stick set to Default, Dribble Moves, or Shots?

Asking since I’m only able to consistently trigger a jumper using the shot stick when I’m on Camera Relative.

Nah im on Absolute man. You really should be on Absolute if you want to shoot consistently with the shot stick. On Camera Relative you will have to pull the stick in all kinds of different directions to shoot…absolute is always straight down. My Pro Stick is set to Default

Keep practicing. Once you really get the shot stick down it will feel so OP. I green so many pull ups and moving jumpers with the stick that its actually hilarious


I’ll keep practicing. My guys like to pump fake for infinity when I’m on absolute for some reason lmao.

Good video as always though. Glad this was shared because I just really learned attacking the mid range area is a cure for these paint campers in TTO

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Yeah i almost wrote off the stick when the game first dropped. But something told me to just get in practice mode and drill shooting like it was IRL. It took a few hours, not gonna lie but it paid off. Once you get the stick down, you won’t wanna go back to the button


This could be nice this year , if it was really difficult to do . It’s so annoying the people play the game , just run and fade with the pro stick . Everything goes in , last year was somehow the same at the beginning .
I hope they make this difficult to green and hit

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@EarvGotti I am having a lot of trouble controlling the stick. I bought a new Logitech controler for PC but I am really struggling to move the right stick where I want. Was it like that for you in the beggining? Sometimes I pull the stick a bit to the side and it doesn’t register. Sometimes I pull it and it goes way to the side. Sometimes I can’t really see where exactly to aim because the shot meter is too small. I am using the Same Pham method of pulling the stick up first, then down, then I try to aim it and if I think I managed to center it I press LT but sometimes I feel I managed to do it and the game doesn’t register it as a green. I don’t know how to increase my precision, I think it’s horrible we can’t adjust the speed of the shooting cursor or the size of the meter.

I’m using the regular ps4 controller, so i don’t know how it feels for you from a controller aspect. The key is to practice pulling the stick as straight down as possible. Just keep drilling that until you can do it without having to look or think about it. I put my thumb in a position where i feel like it’s giving me the most chance of pulling the stick straight down.

Once you get good at pulling it straight down, you just hold it and slightly roll the stick left or right. These are fine fine movements, so make sure your controller isn’t too sensitive.

Its on Absolute by default? Or you had to change it to Absolute?
My main problem with this aiming was that I dont se the logic behind it, where is the little box, where I have to aim it from when, and why… If there is a method that its mostly around the center, I can give this a second chance :slight_smile: