Pull of my life pd jordan

should i put him up for 4 hours or 24 hours ? what would get me the ,most mt any advice this is the first huge card i ever pulled


KEEP HIM!!! For the love of all that is holy


Sell ofcourse. He would go for 1m+ eaaasyyyy. I’d say post for 12 hours because the east coast will be sleeping in 4 hours and on west coast it’ll be 9 pm, so that should maximize your profit

He’ll fetch around 2.5 mill.

trust me i have money and can keep him but with all this equlizer crap he will be not as good in supermax i got a full diaomnd squad and pd harden if i sell him and get 1.6 mill or more heck i can rebuild my whole team and have mt left i got the diamond mj i bought before witrh the 3 point show i can run him

should i do 24 hours so he will end tommorrwnight at 8pm est or will too many be out by then and the price drop

Then sell for 24 hours. Honestly, you want to sell it when less are up and ending. More will be up in the first 12 hours or so. Maybe even wait a few days dude

bruh, just consider what you prefere: the best card of the most amazing bball player of all time or maybe over 3million MT that you can sell for 600 dollars. at this point, I would sell him and bought me some nice real life thing, like a vaccation, books, wellness weekend with my girfriend or something. but there are also good arguments for keeping this card.

I don’t think it really matters man. You’re gonna rake in MT regardless.

Id sell it and use diamond Magic MJ Bird Lebron Kareem as a goat squad and sell the rest.

2nd thought what if i keep him for 2 or 3 weeks this good of card going to hold value and go up ? or think in 3 weeks it will lose value

Once PD LeBron comes out he will lose some value but not a lot.

What are the “good arguments” after all the ones you mentioned :laughing:
A week vacation or a stupid MT card??!!! No brainer

It will most likely be the most expensive holy grail all year long. Should never lose value.

12 hours. Throw a diamond contract on him. Throw those 99 open 3 shoes on him. Profit.

wish it was that easy i have no0 contracts or shoes and at this point i said today stop spending money with this card should not have to spend anything rest of the year i all ready spent alot at least 7 or 8 hundred

That’s awesome man! Congrats!!!

go on the AH and buy yourself a diamond contract for 10K lol

thanks i bougt a box and 15 more packs this am and was board and seen the xbox live gold deal on mt i said f it one more box i almost fell out my seat when i seen him

they sell diamond contracts now for real ?