PSA: Please don't buy MT or VC

It’s a “scam”.

To buy the collection to unlock Amy Tatum you would need around 350.000 MT. Looking at the shop, there are the options to either buy 280k MT for 50€ or 630k for 100€. Does that look like a good deal to you?

Seriously, this greed will never stop, if we are not showing with our wallets that enough is enough.

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I didn´t buy the game yet as a NMS guy. What i noticed is, that there is hardly any NMS Content Creator around, giving me the vibe its not worth trying. I see myself buying Fifa this year, maybe less scammy

I read in a different context, that “this game doesnt respect its players time” and i think 2k is the epitome of this.
This game is designed in a way, that to have the “most fun” with it, you have to no-life the shit out of it (which is mindlessy grinding). Every worthwhile price is behind a significant amount of grinding. I have a job and i like other games, i dont want to jump through 17 hoops to get to a point where the game is fun. (e.g. starting as a 60!??!?! OVR).

I’ll be honest with you, back before all this botting was a big thing MT was expensive. It didn’t sell for less than 25usd/100k for most of the year and at the start of the year it was 45-50usd/100k. People bought the MT. Sites and hackers have driven down the prices of MT for years and thats understandable because they can make 100s of millions of MT, it has to sell so it drives prices down. I remember back in 2k18 when I started in May that year the prices for MT was 32usd/100k and by the last week of the year it was being sold at no lower than 10usd/100k even on this site. The prices they have for MT aren’t that bad but they are bad because people are used to buying cheap MT for the last few years. Those prices too will probably won’t go lower, they might give deals on MT here and there just like MLB the show does which by the way also has very high prices for stubs.