PSA: If you have 20 diamond contracts

If you have 20 diamond contracts in your collection and you pull another one, you cannot send it to the AH. You can only quick sell or apply to player. Now I’m stuck applying it to someone. So make sure you don’t keep more than 20 or else you would be stuck like me

Would it add most value to Sabonis, PD Melo, PD Lebron or Bird?


It will add the most value to the least expensive card. Sabonis?

Damn I don’t even have 3 Diamond Contracts



weird flex


I ship all of my diamond contracts to the auction house so I don’t apply them accidently. That only needs to happen one time.

Sorry was really trying to help people as I feel stupid

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Just go outside hang out a lil until the AH is free again. Maybe watch a movie?


Quick 600k lol

I do this with my diamond shoes. Accidentally quicksold red kyries one night when I was cleaning out the shoes and I was on the tail end of the night after grinding tto lol

My question is why hoarding them, put them on guys, sell them… sitting on money that doesn’t count towards collector level or anything is not goodn

PSA: 20 diamond contracts is worth about 500k MT


I was going to sell them. Got 7 of them in last week from packs and TTO. I was planning to keep 10 to put on my end game lineup, but they started accumulating quick.

Who tf has 20 :infinity: contracts


PSA: The problem here isn’t that 2k doesn’t let you hold 21 diamond contracts. The problem here is that you’re still opening packs!!! Sell your contracts and buy whatever players you want it’s already end of March.

Being rich is a curse :joy:

Add contract to PD Melo and never look back

when you want to quicksell shoes go from Search at the bottom. You can select to view only the bronze shoes from there

500k value in the drain

Ok weird but flex

I’m jealous lol

I ended up adding a diamond contract to ruby Darryl Dawkins accidentally under similar circumstances :disappointed_relieved: