PSA: For Idols VIP Agenda - LNY VIP is separate from Idols II VIP

Just so you know. Did a TT Offline with 3 LNY cards and only got the agenda for the specific LNY agenda objective… even though they are technically Idols II cards. Kind of lame on 2K’s part.


what players did you use?

I think it was Sekou, Oscar and Lawson

those players are lunar year??

i was thinking only were lastest idol II vip (yao ming series)

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My bad, the LNY was Wade, Yi and Sullinger

is a little confusing (or very!!) doing these challenges with too many categories and sub-categories from players collections

Yea I traded in two of my series 2 guys for Evan Fournier so dont have enough now. Thought that LNY counted as series 2. I don’t believe these are original owner cards so I can just buy a series 2 guy to get that exp.