PSA For all Xbox Players

If you have a Live membership go download Destroy All Humans. It’s free to download till June 15th and it may be an older title but it’s a really fun game.

Would highly recommend to anyone with some time to kill.



havent played this in forever i remember loving it. thanks for the shout!

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There’s a remake coming out soon too


I’ve been watching every I can on it. I’m so hyped for it to finally drop. My hope is it sells really well and they opt for DAH2 to get the same treatment. I love the first game but the sequel is one of the best games I’ve ever played.

Speaking of classic remakes, that new Maneater game looks pretty fun too. Reminds me of the old Jaws game on the Ps2.

Thanks for the shoutout, I might try this game out

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Weird you need to add a credit card to “buy” this free game?

This can’t be right?

Apple kind of does the same thing for free apps . I’m sure you can use a virtual/burner card if you need

Oh sick I just got a free $5 gift card from Microsoft

Really wish they had more old Xbox / 360 games. You literally only have access to 2% of them lol.

I remember you could play every single PS1 game on the PS2 & PS3.

Oh lordddddd I used to fuck people up in this game

Ok I think there’s a glitch with this payment option of the game.

I pulled up another free game that shows “Get” as a option, but for some odd reason when I pull up this game, “Get” isn’t there

Edit: Oh that’s why, “Destroy All Humans” is not an Xbox Live Gold Game

It should be one of the games with gold? I downloaded mine without any payment required.

I do think it requires you have a card of some sort on file.

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Weird because there’s another free game left to the Warhammer 2 one. Both this and the WarHammer Game are listed under Xbox Live Gold.

But yeah looks like I need a card to buy this game

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