PSA: Bing > Google for Quick NBA Game Info (Bucks/Raps SPOILER)

Like most people, I usually use Google by default for searching. It has always bugged the shit out of me, that, in terms of the info they show on their own site, when searching for game score/info, things are very limited. Box scores, specifically:

Minutes, Assists, Rebounds, and Points. That’s it. They have a News tab for links to game recap articles that may or may not have better box scores. But, otherwise, you’re going to have to go to some other site for real box scores.

Now see what Bing gives you:

Big difference is that it shows you FGM/FGA and 3PM/3PA. And it also has an easy, prominent link for a game recap on MSN Sports, which has a fuller box score and also easy links to other scores, standings, etc.


I agree how lame it is that Google doesn’t show FGs but I’ll never be desperate enough to use Bing.

I didn’t even know Bing was still around… Dang

There are some things about Bing I like. This is one. Free points for shit is another.

On desktop, it’s really easy to just leave Google as default if you want and selectively use Bing by just typing, for example, “b bucks raptors” if your browser supports that first letter switch shortcut to specify search engine.

And on mobile, I have Google and Bing shortcuts on the top of my home screen. Android. Default Google widget is full-width but there’s zero reason to have it full width since it switches to it’s own app for entry, anyway. It’s just a shortcut. So I do half-width Google and half-width Bing.

In terms of the free stuff, if you’re an active, but not obsessive, Bing user and also on XBox, you could easily get your XBox Live Gold subscription for free through points from Bing usage. And some little gift cards as well.

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I dont understand what widths are but you had me at the free shit. What kinda shit have you earned so far

I have just been accruing points for a couple years, haven’t redeemed for anything. There was a time when I was debating between going XBox or PS4 for 2K and was gonna use the points for XBox Live Gold. Probably will end up trading for Amazon gift certs.

They have a bunch of gift card offers. You can probably earn $5-10 for active to very high usage of Bing, per month.

But if you use XBox, Microsoft, or Skype, there are better value redemptions for your points.

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Saw something about how Microsoft will be bringing XBox Game Pass to Windows PC’s.

Which is interesting in general and also for Bing/Microsoft Rewards users.

If you regularly use Bing and max out the daily rewards, you can get something like 550 points per day. Let’s just say 500 points per day.

When exchanged for stuff like Amazon gift cards, that’s a paltry sub-50-cents of cash value for, let’s say, 10 minutes of “gaming” the rewards.

But if you use the points to redeem for subscriptions to Microsoft/XBox services, the value is much better: XBox Gold, XBox Game Pass, and Skype, most notably.

Still kind of a pittance, but if you are maniacal about the points, you can earn the equivalent of 3 Months of XBox Game Pass in 4-5 weeks.

So if you’re not a maniac and just a regular users, you can basically perpetually renew XBox Game Pass for free, for casual but steady usage of Bing/Rewards bonuses.

The value of points is better for XBox Gold than XBox Game Pass. And the value for Microsoft/XBox store credit is significantly better than it is for, say, Amazon/Starbucks/Domino’s gift cards. If you’re maniacal, you can earn about $200/year in MS/XB credit.

Pretty stupid to put much energy into penny ante bullshit. For some reason, I sort of “enjoy” it in the same way that “playing the AH” is sort of enjoyable. In a manner of speaking.

But the point is that you can be just a regular, non-maniacal user and basically just get your XBox Gold or Game Pass subscription for free. Both, if you’re a little nutty about it.

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