PSA: Best Offline Triple Threat Lineup for Token Grind

Amy Porzingis, D Sabonis, Amy Bol

KP gets all of the ball handler matchups, Sabnois is the 2, and Bol is the 3. Shoot over everyone with KP while Bol and Sabonis grab boards (if there are any).

Let the CPU get quick layups if you’re up, but if you ever get down, it’s extremely hard for the CPU to score in the halfcourt game. You’ll give up some transition points but these games are flying by.

Yea I do the same with GO Malone, PD Anthony Davis, and PD Oden. Bring it up with Malone for a quick 3 if open or call for a pick and roll and shoot a 3 after they go under the screen. I allow an easy layup with everyone but Malone’s man. I noticed if I just move out of the way with Malone and let his man score it takes longer for him to get his sharshooter takeover. So I just move Oden/AD to the backcourt so that their guys cut to the rim.

Usually I can go 7/7 or 7/8 from 3 for a quick game.

So its 6 tokens per team beaten??

It’s per 5 teams beaten. Gotta clear the board for the 6 tokens

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