PSA: 15 tokens for 'Multiple Game' goals

Maybe I’m the only one, but I just realized that I never completed the final goal in this list:

I have done 10/15 for many of them for Free Agent cards but never completed any. So I’m going for the last five for one schedule mode to finish this goal, get the 15 from that, the 3 from finishing a team’s schedule (so 18 total) some extra MT and then the Throwback pack at the end which gives a card that could sell for 2-8k or so.

Just thought I’d point it out for anyone else is the same boat!

Side note, this is not my screenshot, lol


I also havent finished it, ive only completed 2 of the 4 moment challenges and waiting for more to come up lol

I haven’t played a single Multiplayer Challenge.


Hell I haven’t even unlocked custom courts and jerseys.

Lol i feel like they should give you more tokens for doing all that, i’ve played one game of Domination cuz i was forced too haha and never did schedules :rofl::rofl:

I guess for the goal it’s a little faster of a token grind than offline Triple Threat so I’ll take it. :joy:

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Make sure u do one of the last schedule teams. They give 6 tokens instead of 3;)

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Yeah I noticed that before of course I stopped Free Agents before I got to the ones for 6 tokens :unamused: absolutely did fucking not plan on doing any more schedule modes ever again lol