Ps5 challenge activities problem

Hi everyone,
Anyone encountered this problem ?

I’ve completed 2017 warriors “Ps5 challenge” (activities) after switching nextgen but everytime i play a game, go back to main screen, single Player tab is blinking red as if it was a new challenge. It’s not a serious problem but it annoys me a lot. Is there a way to fix this thing ?

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same, I completed every challenge, and it still there annoys me so much

I haven’t tried finishing it one more time, did you ?
I’ll do it when i have spare time. Already started & quit one but that didn’t work.

Yeah, it’s bugged.

Then, imma have to notify someone :cold_face:

Yes, it bothers me from the beginning of the season.

No, I hope it goes away next season, when a new challenge comes out

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Update 1.009
Still NOT fixed.