PS4 Wagers! MT Wagering or PayPal Wagering!

We are in the end game now !
Let’s wager some coins to finish off god squads
Or let’s wager PayPal to build up money for NBA 2K21!
Here’s my lineup

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I am PS4. I am ready to wager MT

Goddamn FINALLY a fellow smoke blower

Sign me up I got mt on it

  • Chimney

U wanna go me and u?

I meant @BurningFudge

But you’re a new member so I gotta see your stripes or we gotta have a middleman to hold both sides of the wager

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wdym by stripes?

As in see if you’re trustworthy and how you play

How can i prove it? I will show myteam

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might be getting a ps5 and if i do u are definitely one of the people on here im playing at least once lol


I’m down fasho

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How much Mt do u put down usually?

apparently dualshocks are better for 2k too so i do want to test that out

Lol let me see your team first

Put me on the list PayPal

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@Kobe6Rings let’s go I’ll fye up the stream

So we aint playing rod?

You didn’t see my reply?

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the classic matchup of rodsquad and nickrowe lol

how do u send a pic of my myteam? or can I tell u?\

Who’s playing