PS4 vince carter accounts service

I can setup 10 vc players for you if you are too lazy or don’t have time. You can get 150k vc total daily. I offer service to claim daily as well.
Pm for detail.
Paypal only.

Vouches thread:

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I had someone do it for me from another console and they never appeared on mine. Only had the characters I had from beggining of the year. So keep that in mind y’all.

Not sure what you meant, but my service will show all 10 players which you can collect daily 150k vince carter total

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What I meant was that I had someone set up the players for me because I don’t have time to do it. He did it from his console and when I logged into mine the players weren’t there. So essentially it didn’t work.That’s just my experience though.

Oh not sure why that happened, maybe he did it wrong

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You gotta save to cloud. pS4 is weird going console to console.


Yeah what @TheSnowMan said, it’s in settings somewhere.