[PS4] Unofficial Allstar Teamup Thread

[PS4] Unofficial Allstar Teamup Thread

Alright due to the personal wishes of a few PS4 users and the fact that I believe PS4 users are missing out on the fun. I’ve decided to create this thread for PS4 users though I’m an Xbox user.

Hopefully this thread can gain traction and behave similar to the large Allstar teamup thread for Xbox on the MyTeam Forum.

So let’s quickly go over what y’all missed/unaware of:

”The Glitch”:

  • To put it simply, Clarke_Griffin found a glitch on Xbox where users can play with custom rosters on AllStar Teamup if everyone performs the glitch correctly. After a rough start, we’ve been very successful at it and I’m creating an improved Teamup roster for us Xbox users to work with. If this glitch works on PS4, then y’all can use MyTeam Players or customize the Teamup roster to y’alls liking.

I’m going to start the interest by tagging members who were a part of the official PS4 Teamup and y’all can decide if you want to continue this…


Again if any of you don’t want to be a part of this, then please ignore this thread and carry on with your day.

Those who have volunteered…



I’m always down for some team up. This new roster thing sounds dope though!


Oh it is.

Xbox users just did a MyTeam AllStar Teamup yesterday and I played as Eddy Curry.

It was dope

I’m really hoping this generates buzz cause y’all are missing out

I’m down but it seems as if ps4 users be scared to lose here


Lol, I think it’s just that a good amount of the PS4 users on here aren’t exposed to Teamup or haven’t heard about the glitch either.

This glitch made Teamup goated now imo.

Believe me, this glitch changed everything for the Xbox users

@6thManSam are you interested if this creates enough buzz?

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Sounds dope especially if we can use custom players and rosters

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Yeah lemme pull up a couple PS4 users who claimed that they were able to use custom rosters

I’d be down for it too

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Here’s a PS4 user who claims the glitch works

Here’s another PS4 user who’s curious about the glitch

Another PS4 user curious about the glitch

Always ready :slight_smile:


That’s five already. All y’all need is 5 more.

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I’ll play

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Now make that 6

this is dope @Shinostique. surprised my exploit has made it this far

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willing to either pm everyone participating or just drop the glitch right here in the main thread

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Nah you’re giving me too much credit, I’m just here to spread the good word for the PS4 users on here. This glitch is awesome to say the least.

Once I found out the glitch is legit, I just had to let everybody know.

well not even that. the entire mode is unexplored for the most part on the ps4 side of things, and now that there is a way to have literally ANY player you want on the teamups, you couldnt have picked a better time. hope this takes off here too

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To be fair, 2K has put this mode under the rug for years, but I’m positive the glitch alone will spike up PS4 interest for this mode.

Yea I’m down forsure let me know

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Y’all better know once I learn the mechanics of this 1player mode y’all gonna be kicking rocks

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