Ps4 - transaction history

For those that dont know on ps4 you can view your payment statement in the settings…I just found it and it wasnt pleasant

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Not even looking after last year

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I can afford to buy what I want and i enjoy opening packs, before i looked i felt like I had spent about £200 but in reality I have spent much more than that.

Im about to remove card details from the ps

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Yea im not even looking. I made the mistake of looking back in 2k17 n wont make that mistake again. :joy::joy::joy:

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I guessed $200 and I’m a bit over that

Where’s the Pack Anonymous Thread At :slightly_frowning_face:

Im at about 650…must have lost track badly…

This is exactly why 2k keeps creating the games with more cheese so the young players can compete because the older players will pay to get advantage early. Plus older players do not keep tabs on there spending habits because they can afford it and do not want to grind as much.

Taking your cc off your account is the first step.

Yeah and it’s called ‘card dead redemption’

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