PS4 selling my MTs I have vouches!

Hi I am new to the site but i want to earn a name.
I have more than 4 million and i want to sell as much as i can cause i am back to work.

If you need pictures or anything… i can even share play. Looking forward for my first client so you all can see i am trustworthy.

I accept paypal.


Hello this picture took right now shows that i am just a hardcore player. I am willing to show you anything you need to trust me.

And i am willing to make disccounts to people with good reputation on this site to improve my sales.

I have finnished the collector level to get AD and after selling my cards i have so much MT’s that i don’t know what to do with them.

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You online right now?

I’m buying from him rn


Huge vouch for my guy!! Quick and easy. If you need MT definitely hit him up!


UP! now you can see i am the one to trust. I sold more than 2 millon to @J_GAWD7


up More than 3 million available


I know J_gawds ain’t buying 2 mill from a random when randoms are out here selling for 7/100

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Surely he got a sweet deal from OP right?? :face_with_monocle::thinking:

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Ask him mate, he did post just over you. He got a bulk deal sure.
And like i said before he only had to check my account and everything to see that i am trustworthy.
I am not some 15 years old kid dudes.

UP OFFER for bulks!


Hey can you PM me - looking to buy 1M MT.


Up, trying to sell, 2 million right now. I have players to sell if you need more tho.
Better price for bulks and/or if you pay in €.

Great communication, trusted seller. Thanks!

Bought another 1 Million MT. Everything happened very quickly. Thanks! :slight_smile:

@Redrum_55 is a good buyer, pays in front, everything smooth.