[PS4] Selling MT

Im new to the site. Can do small increments of 100k in order to gain trust. I am willing to go first for reputable members.

5$ for 100k
Available 1.2kk MT

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Big vouch, quick n easy :+1:

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Nice buyer, thank you.

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Thank you!

Got any left how much?

Hi, yes, i have 500k. pm pls

Looking for a mil

Ok, gl)

How much for the 5?

100k mt - 5$
500k mt - 25$

You got cash app?

Big vouch for the homie fast and easy :100::100::100::100:

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Everything is sold at the moment.

Available for sale 600k MT
100k MT = 5$

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Hey message me

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All sold.

I have 1.200.000 MT for 5€ too.

My friend is looking to buy 500k MT. His twitter is: Kingkb1.